Wednesday, September 3, 2008

TPH Presents: Ovary-Slapped

This commentary by Hooper, presented by The Political Hoedown, and does not mean you have to vote Republican or buy a shotgun. It also isn't indicative of Buck's belief system, based as it is around the availability of tar heroin and illegal fireworks.

I know I didn't respond at all to last week's Democratic Convention speeches as they happened, but I could not pass up expending a few words on the brilliant speech by Gov. Sarah Palin.

She's a conservative all right, and also a feminist. A mother, and a full-time government employee. A wife to a working husband, and the Republican VP nominee. There's a lot on Sarah Palin's plate. Tonight, she (and the other speakers before her) made the case that though she's handling a great deal right now, she's ready for more.

Perhaps it was Rudy Guiliani who had the best retort to those saying she should drop out to "be a mom," essentially 1950s' housewife thinking spewed by leftist liberals: "How dare they question whether Sarah Palin has enough time to spend with her children and be vice president. How dare they do that. When do they ever ask a man that question? When?"

It's a valid point. But enough about that. You know my opinion now, that her ovaries of steel can take and dish out more abuse than the media and the Obama campaign want you to believe. Let's look at her honeyed words.

"I guess a small-town mayor is sort of like a community organizer, except that you have actual responsibilities." <-- that's when the speech rose from simple acceptance, from rote "life story" territory into something downright magical for a conservative or Republican. It hits hard right at the root of Obama's story, his time spent working for the "downtrodden." It's time and experience that shaped him, he says, but Sarah Palin would argue it brought no executive experience. It's snarky, funny and to the point. She followed it later with another effective jab, "[America]'s not just a community and it doesn't just need an organizer." While certainly community organizers will bristle at this line of attack, the average person will understand that she is deflating an overinflated resume.

"The fact that drilling, though, won't solve every problem is no excuse to do nothing at all."

Some have argued that Palin brings nothing to the White House but a few episodes' worth of Jerry Springer material. Here, she reminds us Alaska's key role in supplying America with domestic energy sources - and that it's got a lot more to give. For those frustrated at the pump, what sounds better: drill on our soil for a product that we can use and support today with our current infrastructure, or don't drill and instead "invest" in alternative energy sources as the way out, sources that would require an unprecedented change in our country's energy supply systems? I think they'll pick the former, because when you listen to Palin, you understand it isn't the end of the road, as Democrats doom-and-gloom. Oil is step 1. Natural gas, step 2. Ethanol, geo-thermic power, nuclear power, wind, water and solar power steps 3. and up. Innovation, creativity, ingenuity: these are the hallmarks of US industry, captured perfectly in Gov. Palin's statements.

On final quote, and then I must away to bed.

"But listening to [Obama] speak, it's easy to forget that this is a man who has authored two memoirs but not a single major law or even a reform, not even in the State Senate."

If there's one thing Palin's not afraid to do, it's attack, and that's what the Republicans need. The party needs to get out the message that Obama has essentially been campaigning for president his entire time in office, posturing, but not following through. Michelle Obama did mention some legislation she was proud her husband was attached to or behind, but none of it has been made law or made it out of committee.

It's easy to target Palin as inexperienced. Alaska is big, but has less population than most states. And a small town in Alaska is a bump in the road to the rest of us...right? That is the line we have been fed, but will not swallow. Being mayor simply gives Palin a better record than the law-less Obama; adding to that being Governor - even if just less than two years - puts more "executive" experience marks in her box than anyone else on either ticket.

If Palin, the second name on the ticket, can get the American people to doubt the competition's #1 guy (and I think she has), what chance do the Dems have? Can they do more than try to manufacture scandal? Will the killing blows be left to Palin to deliver, freeing McCain from the rigors of being his own offense and defense?

Whatever the outcome after the debate, after the election, I have no reservation in saying Palin has become this election's unlikely star. Her deft defense of her record and experience, relevant family story and cutting attack of the Democratic hopefuls must cast aside any aspersions even the harshest of pundits had.



Adam said...

I'll be honest; I did not watch her speech. But if you think for one second she'll get me to change my mind and vote Republican...well, you're sorely mistaken. She brings entertainment value to the election and nothing more, in my opinion.

The Den of Mystery said...

In the words of wise Kuato, "Open your mind to your miiiiind." (R) doesn't equal evil, just because you dislike GWBush.

And you'd be more than entertained listening to her speech.


Finn said...

I believe it wasn't a democrat at all that questioned her ability to raise 5 kids and be vice president. On Larry King Live one the people on the panel were asked about that and they wanted to know exactly who made that accusation. One lady on the panel did know. It turned out to be some right wing lady who mentioned it. I wouldn't be too worried about her attacks on Obama's experience. The things she is using that makes her experience actually make McCain look unexperienced as well. Based on here definition of experienced, she is more experienced then McCain. On the Colbert Report he liked the idea of Palin/McCain better than McCain/Palin. So if she attacks Obama's experience with hers as defense McCain could easily be targeted too.

Wonder Woman said...

So, she had some good jabs for the Dems last night. But the likelihood that McCain is going to die in office is pretty good considering his age and documented health problems. Can you seriously tell me a half-term governor of our largest, yet least inhabited(besides said dinner moose) state can handle the job of President? She has no clout with anyone, either in the U.S. or internationally. McCain would have to set up one hell of a good cabinet for her to even have a chance. I also doubt that a lot of mothers would agree with her uber conservative views especially considering her obvious mistake in parenting skills given her 17 year-old daughter is pregnant. You can't tell me that her lack of parenting skills and understanding of today's modern world did not contribute to that.

Kristi said...

Ok, Hooper, so you know I never comment here, but I can't help myself this time. Gov. Palin is certainly accomplished, has every right to seek higher office (and be a mom at the same time... no one would ever question this if she were a man), and is obviously comfortable speaking in public (her experience on the pageant scene and as a TV sports reporter is actually coming in handy here!). However, I'd direct you to a great piece at, under Politics, then Commentaries, called "Rosen: Sarah Palin, Right and Wrong." I'm not anti-Sarah Palin. I respect her and McCain and their experience and backgrounds. That doesn't mean I'm voting for them.

The Den of Mystery said...

1. It's great to talk about McCain dying, I'm sure, but there's no indication he's going to keel over tomorrow. He does very well with his physicals and is a cancer survivor.

2. What you call her "obvious mistake in parenting skills" would apply to untold hundreds of thousands of mothers across the country. How many people had their first kid out of wedlock or had a shotgun wedding? How many kids have sex before marriage - and even, gasp, in high school - despite their parents' protestations? We don't live in a totalitarian state, despite what some like to think. There is no failing as a parent, but a mistake made by a young adult, owned up to and accepted as a blessing in disguise. If it's a flaw, then it's a relatable flaw and it won't hurt her. Nor should anything "free love" related hurt her with the left; they should champion loose teens experimenting with their growing bodies, right? Isn't that the goal?

3. I've read Hilary Rosen before and will read her again, but I can't agree that her piece - more of a swipe at a McCain/Palin administration - impacts the effectiveness of Palin's speech. It's an excuse to point out the (supposed) failings in McCain's policy, such as the health care issue. Well, 43MM people living within our borders are uninsured, but many are in their 20s, a large demographic that forgoes insurance because of their "healthy, youthful" status. Many more can be covered, but haven't enrolled. Still more are here illegally; they can still walk into any of a number of free clinics or emergency rooms and get health care. I understand the long-term health care arguments - the cancer patient, the diabetic, etc - that not having gov't funded insurance means they're destined to be bankrupt paying expenses. But that shouldn't be an excuse to create a bloated, money pit of a federal program. Maybe we need something specifically set up for the long-term medical care of poverty-level patients (legal). That's not been presented yet.


Adam said...

Is it still a blessing in disguise for families that are in no way financially prepared to have to care for an unexpected child? I doubt they all see it through the rose-colored lenses you have on.

Now, I'm pro-choice (Because I believe women should have final say on what happens to their bodies. Crazy, right?), but I refuse to be labeled as the monstrous baby-killer the GOP would undoubtedly view me as. Every situation is unique and should be evaluated as such. But not every unplanned pregnancy is a "blessing."

I'll be brief on the "free love" comment (though I suspect it was meant satirically). Suffice to say, painting the Dems as stereotypical hippies is a pointless exercise. Shall I start pretending every Republican is a Bible-thumping, gun-toting evangelical nutjob when I know they're not all like that? Of course not. Moving on...

Now let's come full circle to the pregnancy issue. Taking the abstinence-only approach with your children and then having one of them get pregnant is a failing as a parent, because you did not explain to them the consequences of unprotected sexual intercourse.

Mistake made by a young adult? Absolutely. But the blame is shared.

Wonder Woman said...

Statistically, McCain has only a 15% chance of surviving beyond the age of 75 according to the CDC. That doesn't take into account his previous health problems, either.

The Den of Mystery said...

And Bill Clinton was headed for a coronary when he was elected, so bad was his diet and some aspects of his health.

Stop internet voodoo-dolling McCain to death!

Log said...

Wonder Women needs to relax and begin to think a bit clearer. She is sounding shrill and her comments are unfounded. The RNC had a successful convention as did the DNC. Both sides should be proud. My vote, however, will go to the candidate who has integrity and class, honesty and commitment. That candidate is the one, who after the Obama speech, had the class to air a congratulatory message to him. He let him revel in his night. My vote will go to John McCain, not Obama. Obama could only criticize McCain's speech and watch helplessly as the ratings and respect of the American people were running away from him.

Adam said...

I'm all for honesty and integrity, but you will honestly base your vote on a single gesture, rather than going with whichever candidate shares your positions on the issues?

Now maybe you'd already chosen McCain and you're simply saying he sealed the deal for you. That's fine. That's your decision. But if you're saying you were undecided and that one moment made him your choice...well then you're exactly what the GOP wants: Someone who will value an image-building, camera-friendly soundbite (or an image-building, camera-friendly VP selection, which is exactly what Palin is) over someone who will really examine the position of the person they're voting for.

The Den of Mystery said...

"image-building, camera-friendly soundbite"

Oh, really. Do you ignore politics in general, or only apply the negative stereotypes when it's the other guy's horse in question?

Half of Obama's campaign has been soundbites n' iimage.


KJ said...

Interesting response. McCain is anything but a charismatic speaker, so I don't see you getting too many image friendly camera shots or sound bites out of him. What you do get is somebody who says exactly what he means and actually answers the questions posed to him. What you get is a classy, mature man. This point of yours seems to apply more to Obama than McCain.

Speaking of examining the issues, I think that is extremely easy and straight forward when it comes to McCain. That comes from being a straight shooter and answering questions and spending time talking about the issues. I'm still not sure what all this change Obama is talking about is unless he's referring to higher taxes and a younger face in the history books.

I appreciate a candidate who talks about what he will do while in office rather than throwing around flashy political terminology, leaning on charismatic speeches without substance, and spending the majority of his time talking about why you shouldn't vote for the other candidate. Shouldn't politicians be about presenting what they stand for rather than just trying to win votes? This isn't a basketball game.

Wouldn't you rather have a politician more concerned with being a public servant than climbing the ladder? McCain has proven that he's more concerned with solutions than politicking through his several cross-party bills…what has Obama done? Really. Please answer what he has done in his career that leads you to believe he would be an honest, capable, effective president.

Considering your previous comments illustrating your obvious liberal stance as well as Obama's lack of experience or real substance of any kind, I find your comments extremely ironic, much more fitting advice to yourself than to LOG.

Adam said...


Fair enough. I'll freely admit my post was written in haste and does appear skewed and perhaps even a tad bit hypocritical, something I know I've accused the Republicans of being. (But let's also admit that we're all a little hypocritical on some subject, be it political or otherwise.)

I appreciate a candidate who talks about what he will do while in office rather than...spending the majority of his time talking about why you shouldn't vote for the other candidate.

I'm not going to argue the semantics of "majority of his time," but you're honestly going to tell me McCain hasn't spend a good portion of his campaign telling me why I shouldn't vote for Obama? I see "Obama: Not Ready to Lead" ads on my telly all the damn time. But I digress...

...what has Obama done? Really. Please answer what he has done in his career that leads you to believe he would be an honest, capable, effective president.

I was just discussing this with my wife over the weekend. We're both Obama supporters, but we don't feel he's going to descend from on high to be the savior the Democratic Party has painted him as. Everyone has their faults, and I don't expect him to be a perfect president. But to me, he's miles better than the alternative.

Considering your previous comments illustrating your obvious liberal stance

Is it that obvious? ;-) well as Obama's lack of experience or real substance of any kind, I find your comments extremely ironic, much more fitting advice to yourself than to LOG.

I already addressed this in the beginning. It was something of a poorly thought-out post, written in haste, and frankly it ended up being much more baiting than I intended. I think in the end we just have to agree to disagree, realize we're not going to change each other's minds, and call it a day. Because otherwise, all we're left with is this.

Adam said...
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Adam said...

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