Friday, September 21, 2007


Salutations, and welcome to The Den of Mystery. We're your hosts, Buck & Hooper. We hope to utilize the full potentials of this blog to bring you many interesting things. It'll be a sort of hodgepodge of material including, but not limited to, discussion of comic books, films, music, samples of our valiant (though sometimes wasted) attempts at writing stories, social commentary (which will pretty much consist of whatever happens to be pissing us off on any particular day) and other misguided artistic attempts. We also hope to get a webcomic going on a semiregular basis. (No, the world doesn't need another webcomic, but we need a visual outlet for sharing the amusing, crazy, and downright unspeakable thoughts and experiences we have.)

So again, welcome, and please enjoy your time at The Den of Mystery. Hopefully we can one day proudly advertise ourselves as "That one website you visited that one time that was kind of funny. No, not that one, the other one."


~Buck & Hooper

Read on, faithful few!