Saturday, September 13, 2008

TPH Presents: Is the Straight Talk Express Going Off the Rails?

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The Den of Mystery said...

A few rebuttals about the propaganda video:

*The "sex ed" bill - what ever happened to "stranger danger"? But seriously, the curriculum taught wasn't rape-prevention first, sex ed later. It was an explicit class that, to quip, teaches kids about a vulva before a verb. There are far better ways than what Obama supported to do than what he claimed was the bill's intent. In a word, inappropriate.

*Tiny Iran - were the USSR still around, Iran would be a footnote in the current defense briefings. As they are not, it stands as one of the few threats to world security. Say what you will about Islam and Iran's purported "reforms," it still preaches a violent brand of faith, desires unfettered nuclear capacity and doesn't have the intelligence of North Korea to sit down at the bargaining table. Using the false claim that Israel prevents it all is to think our entire Middle East is based solely around one geographically, but guilt-bound, nation.

*Troop bills - McCain always voted against troop funding bills that had Democratic pork riders or anti-war clauses that would've had us cut and run at the first sign of danger, would've placed term limits on deployment, and would've seriously undercut the military chain of command. He also at times had competing bills on the floor, something we know Barack never had, know...he hasn't done anything. Long/short, everything voted against was tainted with far-leftist pap, meant to corrupt legitimate bills.

*Lobbyists - Rezko, Rezko, Rezko. Who needs lobbyists when you have a wildly corrupt, Chicago Democratic Machine fundraiser in your pocket? While McCain has former lobbyists, none are still active. Are you saying no one on Obama's staff has worked for a lobby group thinly veiled as a PAC? Exactly.

*Oil - T. Boone Pickens actually said, "Drill drill drill!" in his latest commercial, before going on about natural gas until its available and alternative fuels after it runs out. Nice bit of disinformation. No current Obama energy initiative would take affect until 2019 at the earliest, and likely 2020, given the start-up time necessary to get it running. And that doesn't take into account the infrastructure changes as well. A hamstrung energy policy - one that ignores outright oil and natural gas - is a failure from the start.


I know it's fun to post these videos with old pundit clips, editorial headlines and out-of-context quote from inside articles, as well as snapshots of legislative record (though for Obama, his Congressional record would fit on a 3x5 piece of photo paper), but it all takes away from the real debate.

Victimize Obama all you want, it doesn't mask his wild deficiencies as a state or US Senator, his improper legislative emphasis (no funding for babies that survive partial-birth abortions, Senator? Even Hillary and Ted Kennedy supported that!) or a campaign built on all thumping chorus with no verse to flesh out his song of "Change (Yes We Can)."


drill baby said...

I'm glad to see that Hooper posted the ad that refutes McCain's slamming. Leading a clean campaign is a value to me. Is it a value to others out there?

The Den of Mystery said...

Point of clarification: Hooper didn't post the video; I did. But he appreciates the value of a clean campaign all the same.


Wonder Woman said...

A clean campaign is definitely valued, but neither candidate will run one. It's just the nature of politics. It's called mudslinging for a reason.

I think the idea of the commercials is to get people to doubt thier choice. A rational person who has some doubt would seek out the "truth". The problem is, most americans are too caught up in OSU beating Michigan and who's sleeping with who on their favorite soap to worry about the "truth" being told by each candidate. They have the idea that "I'm not that smart, my idea doesn't count" or "Politics doesn't really concern me."(I know that's a generalization, so dont bite my head off on that.)