Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Political Hoedown: Recent Activity

is still very much alive, now more than ever in election year.

Here are some recent stories for your interest:

SOUP: where I engage in a little economic allegory. Also the "Big Bird" flap (hi-ohh!)

Debate #1:
And in this corner-! Debate Review  
Quick Debate #2 Thoughts for Mitt
Democratic Party Neglect of Black America

The who DID build it?: Thoughts on the "You didn't build that" brushfire

Entitlement Reform: Starting the Conversation

ACA Okay...?: On ObamaCare and the Supreme Court

How About Just Furious?: On the "Fast and Furious" DoJ Scandal

Read on, faithful few!

Shelf Hopping: The Year in Books (blog)

Starting late...situation normal.

SHELF HOPPING: THE YEAR IN BOOKS - go there for the start of my book-blogging for 2012! What do you mean it's OCTOBER? Obviously you don't run on "Erik" time.

Over the course of the next year [read: three months and change] you'll get the astonishing privilegeof reading little reviews of and thoughts on the books that fly off of our myriad shelves to my waiting, eager hands.

No e-readers here, as I've made far too much of a financial commitment to paper to switch before the Rapture.

So what sort of nonsense and ballyhoo will I read this year? I don't know, maybe something by that irascible firebrand,  [insert controversial - and probably political - author here], the dystopian kid future thing with the killing and the angst, or perhaps that one book, you know, with the slapping and the moans that made you feel dirty to just see a woman reading on the train*?

Who can honestly tell? The unwritten!**

Giddy up! Allons-y! Et cetera!


*No. A thousand times no.
**Technically, this future has already happened and we're just visiting its wake. Sorry.

Read on, faithful few!