Thursday, August 14, 2008

TPH News Flash: Hillary on Dem Convention Ballot


UPDATE (1:30 PM):

So it's not all inter-party conflict, but rather a play for party unity.

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Unity...or the crushing pressure of Hillary's estrogen-charged supporters?! Dun dun duuuuuunn!!!!

I kid ("j/k" for all you hipsters out there [j/k fayhot]).

There is probably some truth to the theory that Obama's and Clinton's camps came together on this to avoid some sort of 1968 replay, but with middle-aged women replacing war protesters and nervous DNC officials stepping in for baton-happy cops ("Dammit, we like Roe v Wade, you shrill harpies!").

A little more info has come out, and it looks less sinister, but still waters blah blah blah. There will be a "unity" claim in the press releases later, that both sides came at this together in honor of her spirited campaign, so let's hold hands and wish her well and give her the cheers she deserves...but only a few delegate votes on the floor.

Symbolic for women (You've come a long way, baby!), it would've been less demeaning if they'd not done this together and let the DNC keep her name on quietly, hear the roll and the delegates she won, and then let her gracefully concede for real as Obama gets the thunderous majority. But that's not the deal worked out, and the full story of how it came into being won't be known until after election day.

There can be respect in politics without telegraphing it to the media first so they know you respect the other because you're the Bigger Man and for changing the cynicism rampant today etc.

If word sneaks in about any behind-the-scenes tomfoolery, you'll be the first to know (after freakin' ABC's blog scoops me again at Drudge, the hookers...). I'll fold more about this into the second part of my "Notes from the Wilderness."



First post:

The latest just in, and this hasn't hit the main airwaves yet, but Hillary Clinton will be on the ballot for President at the Democratic Ballot. She has not taken her name off, in other words.

Guerrilla campaign to get her on the ticket?

This may not seem like breaking news, as many thought it'd still happen, but it could mean a lot to the Democratic Party and the election in the Fall. Check back later at the Den for a little analysis. But I thought you'd like to know.


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