Monday, August 11, 2008

...I beg your pardon?

Buck: Thoughts on Final Crisis #3?

Hooper: I haven't been to a comic shop in a month, so for all I know, Magneto married Lois Lane and defeated the Skrulls by using the superion in the Viltrumites' blood to reverse the polarity of their multiverse, defracturing the infinite possibilities into 37 (in a row?!) new worlds, while at the same time defeating the Kun'Dyah beast that had erupted from Cavendish Hall, permanently sealing the Ogdru Jahad in Earth-: moments before it became Earth-;.

And Spidey unmasked again, this time for money, on the internet, and a little at a time while eating strawberries.


Adam said...

I predict that approximately 1% of the DoM audience is going to get half the references in there. Me? I get 'em all. Which is actually kind of sad...

Anonymous said...

I know what a Lois Lane is!