Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Political Hoedown News Brief: The battle is over, but the war...

Barack Obama, junior Senator from Illinois, has become the presumptive Democratic nominee for the Presidency, pending validation at the Democratic National Convention this August in Denver.

He becomes the first black in America to make it out of the slate of primary candidates and ascend to the top of any national party's ticket in our nation's history. Support his ideas or not, that's one hell of a gold star next to his name.

Matt Saniie, congrats on a race well fought and won.

For more information, go here for the main story, here for some reaction, and through this magic door for Clinton's side.

Hillary Clinton, Senator from New York, has not conceded, but says she needs several days to work on her next step. I doubt highly it will end with her storming the convention.

McCain has his say also, but he's still being a lot quieter than he will be.

More on this later in the week, and then we'll take a break from politicking to write some bios on the two nominees, John McCain (R) and Barack Obama (D).



Finn said...

A presumptive nominee, is good news yeah? Unfortunately the whole running mate question is all I hear about now. There are people saying that having Clinton on the ticket hurts Obama’s image and his desire for change. However, there are a plethora of supporters encouraging a joint ticket. I even got to see a Kevin Spacey interview where he supported it. This may be a little bias but if Spacey says it's a good idea, I can't help but be convinced. Overall, I'm not worried about it. The bottom line is Obama has to beat John McCain in November. I feel he will have no problem winning with or without Clinton. When thinking about McCain's campaign, I quote Muhammad Ali "He has two chances. Slim and none, and slims just left town.” We have our nominee. Let’s make sure it’s a knockout in November.

The Den of Mystery said...

The Votemaster (http://www.electoral-vote.com) has a few days' worth of analysis on the past VP candidates and is starting in on the (D)s and then the (R)s possible choices for the second-highest seat in the land.

In my recent Hoedown, I dismiss Bobby Jindal for McCain, but not because of any fault. Likewise, you can probably do the same for a dozen or more on both side, leaving only a few truly viable candidates...that we yet know of. There's always the "Cheney" option, that one will choose a running mate not on the list, but behind it or adjacent.