Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Everything's bigger in Texas, including Obama's frustration!

The Political "Brief"
Democrats blunder into Spring while McCain basks in acceptance, younger wife

Well, that does it for Mike Huckabee, governor of Arkansas, former Baptist minister, failed fatty. With McCain's official delegate position surpassing the required amount to secure the Republican nomination, Huckabee has kept true to his word and withdrawn from the campaign trail for now. Should McCain lose, no doubt both he and Romney will be back (and what happened to Elizabeth Dole?), having tested the waters and found them not nearly as frigid as one might've thought.

But enough about Republicans. Lets talk about those saucy liberals.


Barack Obama has, surprisingly, not committed mass murder in Texas after losing it by a nose hair to Sen. Clinton. His surge northward in the polls in the Lonestar State over the last few weeks only underscores his loss even more, but he can cheer up. From what I am told, and the math is still waiting final TX caucus numbers, Hillary only netted FOUR delegates
total last night, including her wins in Ohio (by a large margin) and Rhode Island. The story this morning was not, however, how few delegates she truly got but how many contests she won. 3 out of 4 is good on any standard.

This further goes to support the big-state theory of Clinton, and should concern any Obama supporter. Wyoming votes this weekend (caucus, for Obama no doubt, unless the rugged frontiersmen identity more with an "iron lady-in-training") followed by Mississippi (again, Obama - it's demographics, people). Neither of those predestined wins for Obama matter compared to his solid loss in Ohio or his narrow defeat in Texas. By not winning one or the other - at least the popular vote - Obama fuels Hillary's campaign, gives her ammunition for her war chest and prolongs what is turning out to be a distance race to the Democratic National Convention. It was supposed to be a sprint for him after Feb. 5th' strong showing and the 11-contest victory streak, with Texas at least falling in place. No knock on him, he's up against a determined fighter and maybe that's why he lost.

Hillary is rough-and-tumble, not afraid to use Karl Roveian tactics (which are, by the way, the
best tactics in political campaigning EVER) like the "3AM phone call" ad - "It's 3 AM and your kids are asleep and the phone is ringing in the White House...who do you trust more with their security in the dead of night etc etc etc." Obama doesn't do that. He's about change, right? Decency in politics, perish the thought? You can be decent and still throw a good punch, Barack. The stereotypical "angry black man" persona won't be applied to you, because you defy stereotype in all forms, so your racially frightened opponents can't hit you on that. Being aggressive about your ideas and in defense of them (maybe a little proactive defense. Hmmm....?) only engenders you to those who want spine and grit in their President. Commander-in-Chief, Barack, is more than a title; it's a role you have to embrace. If you can't take on Hillary Clinton, Carville & Begala might rant, how can you take on Al-Qaeda? Or genocide in Africa?

Pennsylvania looms, a broken state full of rusted out people, Hillary's people. The blue collar worker is not Obama's. Ohio and Michigan neighor this state, if just in spirit only (yes, I know my geography): Ohio is next door and full of the same manufacturer woes as PA and Michigan, across the lake, defines unemployment. Both went for Hillary. Yes, Obama's name wasn't on the ballot in Michigan, but - BUT - Hillary polled well there regardless and one could construct a victory for her there from her win in New Hampshire. Blue collar workers, usually white men, supported Hillary Tuesday and in many contests before. One thinks their voting block will keep her propped up in the PA polls as April 22nd approaches.


And that's how long we have to wait until something else major really happens. Observe who McCain deals with, to see the shape of his official campaign staff, advisers and proto-Cabinet. Also, start pondering running mates.

On the Democratic front, supporters of both, cross your fingers. It's going to be a bumpy ride through March and April with acrimony and thinly veiled insults seeping across the airwaves.


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