Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Hooplah: Breakfast Thoughts

What about a Cthluhu/Indiana Jones crossover? Slashfic? My eggs are cold. On the plus side, the muffin top is crunchy. I really need to hook up my printer, or get a new one, at home. I can't believe the train has been late every day this week. Would I be able to pull off a turtleneck without a ski slope behind me? My eggs are still cold. The quantity of paper used in one business office is astounding. Snapple Facts are the only unknown bits of information in the suburban world. Rules are meant to be broken and laws bent, edicts will be suffered and decrees we lament. I cut my finger while making a sandwich and, afraid there might be blood in the sandwich, pretended it was the BBQ sauce I'd put on and watched American Idol on a full stomach. Cold eggs do not warm through the power of thought. Webster's Dictionary may some day have "Misc" as a word, since few can actually spell miscellany or miscellaneous, or know they exist. People who think noises don't exist when people aren't around to hear them, such as falling trees in forests, should remain mute if there's no one in the room to hear them. I finished my eggs anyway.



Adam said...

"Elder Gods...why'd it have to be Elder Gods?"

And I know your style of dress. No, you couldn't pull off a turtleneck. Few truly can.

Erik said...

Frodo: Look at my turtleneck. Can I pull it off?

Gandalf: There are few who can...