Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Brief Review of Super Tuesday

I'll have the full report later today or tomorrow. What a wild night...

For the Democrats in the audience

Obamarama sweeps the country in what can only be seen as a stunning upset of Clinton's march to the White House. Winning across more states than expected, and several key states of strategic importance (like Missouri, of all places, and Georgia), Obama legitimized - if he hadn't already done so - his campaign and the made tatters of the idea that a black man can't get votes at this level in our fair country. Clinton probably comes out ahead right now the delegate total, and surely will rack up more wins, but not only is the wind our of her sails, I think her ship's taking on a little water. Both are a few hundred votes shy of just half what they need for the nod. Brokered convention? More possible today than yesterday. The level of vitriol spewed between the lines of each campaign's speeches and statements is high enough to pretty much mean a ticket with both of these folks on it looks like a bleak prospect. Then again, GHW Bush and Reagan were far from buddies in the 1980 campaign, and look what happened there.

Long/short of the night for the (D)s: Obama defines momentum, defies "Washington" politics; Hillary wept.

For the Republicans in the audience

If you are on the Straight Talk Express with John McCain, be glad, but not overjoyed. Coming away with a commanding delegate lead and some big states, he nevertheless failed to clinch to nomination. Not that he had to; the Obama camp has stated he is the man to beat in November, ignoring the other challengers. Huckabee, by staying in the race, denied Romney scores of delegates and a true second place finish. Instead, while Romney did well, he's got a long way to go to beat McCain. If he catches up, he might only delay the inevitable and cause a brokered convention, a prospect the news mongers (like myself) would love to see. I think we need to take Huckabee's wins with a grain of salt, as they were regional only (though so were Romney's; the West is largely his). Some have whispered of a deal between the Mac and the Huck, keeping the latter in the race to defray conservative support for Romney, with the VP slot as the reward. Personally, Romney as the VP makes more sense, with Huck as a campaign advisor and potential Cabinet official.

Long/short of the night for the (R)s: peaceful resolution in the party is elusive, as McCain is denied the crown.

-Hooper McFinney


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