Friday, April 11, 2008

A Girl & Her Guitar

Howdy, folks! Who wants to hear some great music? I know I do, what with the drunk kids and their hip pop and their untied shoes and innane lyrics.

So why not come down to Dolce's Saturday, April 19th at 6:30PM for a night with Margo Jean of The Rubes?

Playing rompin', rowdy, original roots music, she'll get you tapping your feet and singing along with bawdy choruses of "What would you do with a drunken sailor?".

You can find Dolce's, directly south (across the street) from Westmont's train station, at 15 W. Quincy (630-663-0401). There'll be no cover charge to this event, so come out and enjoy the food, beer, wine and coffee in this great new space.

You can check out the Rubes at either their label's website or their MySpace page (so the punk kids won't feel so weird venturing away from their electroconfines).


P.S. - She's also my neighbor, so if you don't go and make this big, she knows where I live...

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The Den of Mystery said...

Westmont is a Chicago suburb, for any readers who aren't friends of Hooper's and might be wondering what the hell he's talking about.

And Hooper? Proofread your posts, man! I fixed some goofs. I expect this kind of sloppiness from me, but you're better than that.