Monday, October 29, 2007

Welcome, Part II: The Reckoning

A few housekeeping items:

First, apologies to all who had checked this blog more than once in the last month or so hoping to see some new material. Our original intention had been to register our own URL and we were focusing on site design for that. However, developments in everyday life have put those plans on hold, so we'll get back to posting material here on a fairly regular basis.

Second, posted below you'll see our first prose feature on The Den of Mystery. "Rick Slade in: The Breaking of the Hour!" Look for more Rick Slade adventures in the coming months, along with some Western material, superhero yarns and, of course, The Buck & Hooper Chronicles.

Once more, we hope you enjoy reading this stuff as much as we've enjoyed crafting it.


Apropo of nothing, my wife and I re-watched The Incredibles over the weekend. I'd forgotten how much sheer joy I get out of watching that film. If you'd told me there's this great movie that's half James Bond, half Superman, I'd have responded with the typical incredulity of the online movie fanbase. But damned if it doesn't work. My single favorite moment in the film has to be when Dash discovers he can run on water. The little giggle he lets out feels so genuine that you can almost feel his exuberance. And when Bob tells Helen that he's not strong enough to stand losing her and the kids...I feel more emotion in that scene than in twenty Oscar contenders. Is it wrong for a 27 year-old man to have this kind of reaction to an animated feature? Perhaps! But nevertheless, The Incredibles is one of my all-time favorite films.


Until we meet again...


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