Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Because someone's got to post something, and I guess it's me.

Well, it appears that with Erik entering Day 5 of fatherhood I'll have to hold the fort around here. It also means my first post since, what? May?

Seems that as of the epic Horatio Caine spoof we've dropped the Hooper and Buck pseudonyms. (Don't ask me why we even had them in the first place. It seemed like a fun idea at the time.)

I hope to have another "What I've been reading" post up by the weekend, which may evolve into a "Summer '09 in books, movies, and television" sort of thing. But until then, enjoy some amusing links.

If you click on over to Andy Awesome's page, you'll find a series of pieces in which he takes a pop culture theme or icon and captures its essence in four simple circles of art. Here's one to show you what I mean:

Texts From Last Night is in the vein of FMyLife. People anonomously forward embarassing or amusing texts they've received for the whole world to see. Here's a recent one:

(818): I hate to tell you this, but your sister reeks of whore.

So, you know, it's fun for the entire family.

And lastly, after reviewing nearly every X-Men and X-Men-related comic that came out in the 1990s, Not Blog X has begun re-reading and reviewing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series published by Archie Comics from 1988-1995. I read most of these back when they came out, so it's been a really fun nostalgia trip for me.

Enjoy the links, and hopefully Erik will be back soon with an update from the trenches.


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Erik M Held said...

The trenches are full of poop.

Andy Awesome is great. I love the Homer Simpson four-circle.

"how lazy do you have to be to be a fat vegetarian?" thank you, "texts from last night."

elbow-deep in it