Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The War of the Words

We're trying to get some content going besides just the usual 24 and occasional Heroes reviews. Last week saw the Plot Summaries goofiness, and here's more tomfoolery for the masses.

Just something silly I scribbled down during a graduate class last year. Marvel at my clever wordplay!

I drew my lingual blade and swung it towards the approaching warrior. His headless body fell as I kept moving. I took a moment to survey my unit. (Richardson was down, smothered between (two parenthetical ghouls.)) Smith was rushing to his aid. I picked up a discarded exclamation! launcher and took down three more of our foes. Their screams echoed! as the points pierced their flesh. It looked like things were improving. It had been a hard campaign, but we were close to wiping out this pocket of enemy grammar resistance. They would no longer taint this ground with their unholy presence. Just then Williams screamed. [A bracket ship] had appeared overhead, crushing Williams beneath one of the dozens of heavy [brackets] it was dropping as it passed over the battlefield. Then there came a mighty ROAR as a battalion of CAPS LOCK SHOCK TROOPS came pouring over the hill. I cur@$#sed, as I wiped, some stray commas, from my blade. This battle was far from over.


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