Thursday, April 30, 2009

Buck Reviews 24: Day 7, 3:00 AM - 4:00 AM

My apologies as to the tardy arrival of this week's review. So let's get right to it, because Jack's RUNNING OUT OF TIME!

• Previously on 24: Tony Almeida is a bastard.
• I’m glad we didn’t have some ridiculous bit where Jack can’t talk for most of the hour and can’t tell anyone about Tony. That’s what I was fearing when Dr. Macer kept telling him not to talk.
• You’d think hotels would stock shower curtains made with something a little more “breathable.” Yes, that was an awful pun. I got a million of ‘em.
• I wonder if Tony’s desire to change the game will go as well as when Hodges tried it.
• Ah, compromise with very evil people. The essence of all 24 administrations.
• He took a shower with the dead guy still sitting next to the tub?
• I also wonder what the long-range plan was before Tony suggested his alternative.
• Ah, guess I have my answer, thanks to Jack interrogating Hodges.
• Nice bluff, Jack.
• And BAM! Chloe’s back. Really nice scene between her and Morris. It’s hard not to agree with him, but you can’t fault her loyalty to Jack.
• With all the running and sweating and fisticuffs…can you imagine how bad Jack must smell at this point in the day?
• Is this Martin individual 24’s first gay character? I’m not bothered by it, just curious.
• So Olivia is going to have Hodges assassinated. It’s a shame President Taylor can’t see that her daughter is deeply stupid.
• Nice to see the CTU logo again. And the Chloe/Janice snark is much better this time than the last time Chloe was in the FBI offices.
• Right on, Jack! You tell Janice about how President Palmer...wait...President Palmer? Ah, crap…

• Well, Tony’s got his fall guy for his sunrise gas attack. This is ending similarly to Season 3, which saw Jack and Chace trying to find the last of Saunders’ virus-carriers. That’s not a bad thing, as those were some of the most exciting hours the show has produced. And it’s different enough that it doesn’t feel like a rehash.
• We all know Kim will come back to give Jack the treatment he needs so he’ll be back for next season. But with his mind slipping, will he be able to stop Tony and the secret cabal? Frankly, it would be pretty interesting if they didn’t. It would be kind of a vindication for Jack and CTU, showing that their methods, while questionable, still saved lives.
• You know what I’d like to see? Some off-hand reference to the fact that part of the L.A. suburbs are a nuclear wasteland now. But that would just bring up bad memories of Season 6.
• Olivia is an idiot. Is it wrong that I just want Agent Pierce to shoot her and rid us of her idiocy?


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