Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Buck Reviews 24: Day 7, 2:00 AM - 3:00 AM

It's what we were all afraid of: Tony Almeida has been lying to and using Jack Bauer since this day began. Surprises in the Bauer family, deadly traps meant for the FBI, and an hour-ending showdown are just some of the good bits this week.

• I don’t know how I’m going to make it through the rest of the day without Larry.
Working Theory: This assault on Hodges’ lawyer is to get an assassin in to take him out so he can’t name his co-conspirators. Alternative: The assassin is going to go after the president.
• Ah, the old “Shoot yourself to retain deniability” trick. Well played, Mr. Almeida.
• Okay, so Tony was not working for Hodges/Starkwood, and bribed one of their soldiers to smuggle out some of the bio-weapon.
• "I would think you'd know by now that no one can change my father's mind when it's made up." Nice.
• Nice to see Jack showing some shock/remorse at Larry’s death. I think he was really starting to like the guy; despite their disagreements, it seemed Jack thought Larry was a good man.
• And now we’re going to be mass-murdering FBI agents? Tony’s really gone over the edge, hasn’t he?
• Ah, you can’t keep a good Bauer down.
• Well, Working Theory was half-right, I suppose. I guess slipping him the suicide pill is a little cleaner, considering they’re in the White House.
• Will Patton! Let’s all welcome one of my favorite character actors to 24!
• Tony was working for the same group Hodges was, but they weren’t actually co-conspirators, eh? He’s his own “cell,” I take it?
• I think Jack knows. You could tell he smelled something fishy right away.
• Ah, Kim has a new boyfriend who seems much closer to her age. And a baby! Awww, and she’s named after Teri. Jack’s going to blubber like a fool when he finds all this out.
• Yeah, how do you like that, Tony? You’ve helped kill one of the best friends you ever had! Bastard.
• Boom.
• Always nice to see Jack springing into action.
• Producers, I swear, if you killed Larry and Renee back-to-back…Ah, okay. Good.
• Tony, you have no idea what you’ve done. You think Jack was upset at Henderson and Logan for their crimes? You cannot conceive the shitstorm of fury Jack Bauer will unleash upon you for this betrayal.


After ruminating on it a bit, I have decided:

A) Hodges and Tony were working for the same group, albeit independently of one another.
B) When Hodges went “off-mission” with his wacky missile/General Juma plot, Tony was tasked to stop Hodges and tie up loose ends. This sample of the virus is one of those loose ends.
C) The slow burn as Jack discovered Tony’s betrayal and Tony realized Jack knew was perfect. Expertly written, paced, and acted.
D) I honestly like Tony more as a villain, something I mentioned at the start of this day. The character shift was a welcome change, and look how much mileage we’ve gotten from it.
E) I actually haven't minded Kim being around. When was the last time that happened?
F) Is this the first season where the villain we started the day with is the same villain we’re likely to end the day with? I’m sure we’ll see more of the shadowy organization Tony’s working for, but the final showdown has to be between Tony and Jack.


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