Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Buck Reviews 24: Day 7, 12:00 AM - 1:00 AM

Much better than last week, tension-wise. Though I do hope we're not going to drag the standoff with Hodges out for the next 7 hours. Still, there was some 24 goodness to be found this time around...

• Nice to see Larry showing more backbone.
• Damn, Voight’s really chewing the scenery.
• Shame we didn’t get a shoot-out like I’d hoped, but I suppose if Starkwood had fired on federal agents, Taylor would have brought down the thunder, and it would all be over rather quickly.
• Oh crap. Jack’s dying.
• Olivia’s kind of our new Sherry Palmer, isn’t she?
• It’s interesting watching Jack run things from a distance, in the command center. We don’t get scenarios like that a lot.
Nice crazy virus eyes, Sutherland!
• All this talk of Kim leads me to believe we’ll see young Ms. Bauer again. Think that means we’ll get a return appearance by C. Thomas Howell as her way-too-creepy boyfriend? *
• That was some high-quality face-kickin’, neck-snappin’ action courtesy of Mr. Almeida. 24 could use more kicks to the face in its fight scenes.
• Is Hodges’ endgame the “I love my country so much I’m going to hurt it” or the “We’re going to show we’re relevant by creating a crisis only we can resolve”? Either one seems poorly thought-out. Then again, he is pretty crazy.
• I don’t think Olivia’s fooling Agent Pierce. You don’t work Secret Service detail for 5 administrations and not know what’s going on in hotel rooms. The look on his face when she came out said it all.
• A very ominous ending as Taylor silently exits the room after her conversation with Hodges.


 For me, a much more entertaining entry than last week, thanks largely to Tony’s cloak-and-dagger antics.
 I’m still curious as to just what Hodges wants out of all this. Maybe he wants the president to recognize the threat of giant alien robots.
 Gotta say, I think I prefer Janis to Chloe right now. Don’t get me wrong, it would be cool if they called Mrs. O’Brian in to work with Janis at some point. But I like that Janis doesn’t talk down to everybody. Chloe’s smarter-than-thou attitude gets old fast with me.
 I’d pictured a much more sinister way for Olivia to get revenge on the reporter. I was expecting her to start screaming that he was trying to rape her or something, only to have Pierce come in and shoot him. But that’s a tad more messy than blackmail, I suppose.
 I’m sure there are fans that hate it, but I don’t mind a few episodes with Jack sidelined. I think this season’s cast is strong enough that they can keep things moving without him at the forefront.

* Seriously, Elisha Cuthbert: 26. C. Thomas Howell: 42. I don’t care how old Kim is supposed to be due to the show’s sliding timeline, it’s just wrong. Besides, if you followed the timeline, Jack’s actually 4 years older than he should be, if his birth year of 1966 can be taken as fact. That or Season 7 is taking place in 2013.
Actually, by the same math, Kim’s the same age as the actress playing her, so the relationship is still creepy. But her given birth year is ’87, which means she was only 14 in Season 1, and that dog don’t hunt. That’s of course assuming Season 1 did in fact take place in 2001…
Yes, I just did all this math on a post-it. Shut up! 24’s chronology is making my head hurt…


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