Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Buck Reviews 24: Day 7, 1:00 AM - 2:00 AM

The game has changed, my friends. That's really all I can say before you click through for the rest of the review.

• Jack really has no qualms about getting upitty with presidents, does he?
• Very clever of Taylor, unofficially giving Jack and Renee permission to go ahead with their mission. Still, we all know how Jack’s last unofficially-sanctioned mission went.
• Hodges’ goal is really just to sit at the big kids’ table? Well, I did call him childish in a prior review.
• Much as I want Tony to succeed in blowing up the rockets, I don’t think this is going to work.
• And it almost didn’t. Lost the detonator, alarm’s been triggered…but look at Tony pulling through.
• While I’m not sure what’s next, it really would have been inconceivable to drag the Hodges/Taylor standoff out for the next six hours.
• So Hodges isn’t the top of this year’s villain foodchain? At least he doesn’t want us to think so. Are we moving into a fourth act? That’s a bit unusual for this show.
• She’s not that much older than him, but Taylor’s taking a somewhat motherly role with Jack. He hasn’t had an influence like that since David Palmer, and it’s nice to see it.
• Even if Kim had been trying to see Jack all day, Renee did kind of overstep her bounds. I think her attraction to Jack has blinded her to the fact that they still barely know each other.
• Kim and Jack, reunited. Hey, and no creepy C. Thomas Howell!
• Well the Jack/Kim reunion was pretty bittersweet, but not nearly as uncomfortable as the last time they saw each other. I imagine that despite Jack’s protests to the contrary, we’ll see her giving him help for that experimental treatment as the day ends.
• Ah, as Season 3 taught us, you can’t keep a good bio-weapon down.
• Larry’s down and Tony doesn’t see the gunman…
• Oh you have got to be shitting me…
• There you have it, ladies and gentlemen. Tony Almeida, the hero-turned-villain-turned hero we were all rooting for...was a black hat all along.


What to say? The writers really pulled out a great twist in this installment, though we can’t say we hadn’t imagined this scenario. I know I for one was questioning Tony’s loyalty back in the early hours of the day. And maybe it was due to Jack’s unwavering support of him, but I was convinced he was on the side of the angels now.

I have no idea what to expect for the last quarter of the day. What’s Tony’s plan? Is it still just the simple vengeance against the government that twice wronged him? Is he Hodges’ ace in the hole, or does he have his own agenda? There are so many possibilities. One thing’s for certain: we can’t take anything for granted in these final hours.


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