Friday, March 6, 2009

Buckshot: Watchmen Links-travaganza

For better or worse, the day many comic fans thought would never happen has arrived: There is a Watchmen film in theaters. I'll be seeing it tomorrow, and despite some unfavorable reviews, I'm looking forward to it.

Following hot on the heels of yesterday's magnificent Saturday Morning Watchmen comes a bunch of great Watchmen-related links I've stumbled upon in the last few weeks. So click through for parodies, tributes, and other goodness.

iFanboy offers a simply great T-shirt.

The film's marketing department has set up a New Frontiersman page at Flickr. It's full of all sorts of little "easter-egg" bits you probably won't see in the film.

Super Punch did their own link roundup.

Simpsons-ized Watchmen. This is currently my desktop wallpaper.

Dorian’s *ahem* viewer’s guide.

PvP’s salute.

YouTube sensation itsjustsomerandomguy’s Rorschach vs. Wolverine video.

Kevin Church pulls his Just Imagine...Stan Lee’s Watchmen! out of the mothballs for the occasion, and it's very, very wrong.

Church also rises to the occasion in his set-in-a-comic-shop webcomic series The Rack.

Comic Critics present their take on a Watchmen video game.

Chris Sims over at The ISB reveals the shocking new ending to the film!

And finally, Fairfield Weekly takes a look at how the Watchmen characters began life as characters from Charlton Comics.

Hope you enjoyed the links. I'm sure I'll have something to post tomorrow regarding my thoughts on the film, and maybe Hooper and I can do another tag-team style review once he's seen it.


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The Den of Mystery said...

I watched it a few hours ago, and Buck will no doubt watch it in the next 24.

My first impression is of satisfaction. The ending might be a little...inelegant, the parts left in from the book but altered for no apparent reason glare to someone who's familiar with the source material, and this isn't Laurence Olivier, Peter O'Toole and Kathryn Hepburn crossing spandex-coated verbal swords,but...

It's pretty damn good. It's a comic book movie in that it was adapted from one. But it's not Spider-Man or Iron Man or even Batman Begins. Like The Dark Knight, moving past spandex to the subtle, thematic content of these tales, Watchmen exists above the normal fisticuffs of superhero movies. As do the original comics.