Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Buck Reviews 24: Day 7, 9:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Jack fails to prove his innocence and gets into even hotter water. Plus nefarious dealings with the First Daughter, and I make some erroneous snap judgements as I "live-blog" this week's episode. (Can it technically be live-blogging if I watched it online? I did type the review as I watched it.)

• Morris is back, and he’s asking about Chloe. Renee’s back in the FBI office as well. Supporting characters are about to join forces...maybe
• Whose car did Jack steal? Is that the Quinn, the assassin’s car? Larry’s…well, it’s obviously not Quinn’s car.
• Sounds like Hodges is preparing for some sort of coup d’ tat…and he’s basically running Blackwater?
• And Renee’s busted. Any bets on how long until Morris (and possibly Janis) but her and Chloe out of holding?
• I’ve been really enjoying the scenes between Jack and Senator Meyer.
• Allison’s hanging Kanin out to dry, or so it seems. She’s denying it, but she’s not unhappy he’ll soon be in trouble with the press.
• Well, I misjudged the whole Chloe-in-holding situation. It’s more of Morris bargaining for Chloe’s release than an exciting jailbreak. But it is in fitting with the character.
• Despite the manhunt for Jack, this has been kind of a slow episode...yet I really don’t mind. This season, the small moments have been just as solid as the big action-y ones.
• Show of hands, who else saw Meyer’s assassination coming? Shame too, since he and Jack were finally getting a rapport going.
• I call bullshit on Allison’s explanation. I say she leaked the story about Burnett, then went right back and killed it to get in the president’s good graces and stick it to Kanin.
• I was expecting Jack to just jump Quinn from behind after he emptied his gun into the office, but the forklift thing was SO much better.
• That was a pretty good fight scene between Jack and Quinn. One of the better 24 fights in recent memory.
• Larry thinks Jack killed Meyer, but why wouldn't he? I've read reviews that really rag on Larry's by-the-book attitude, but I find it refreshing. It's more fun when not everyone trusts Jack implicitly. Larry actually reminds me a lot of Ryan Chappelle.
• Tony’s back in play now that Jack’s back to fugitive status.

A solid episode, and the connection of Hodges and his Starkwood group to Juma and Sangala isn’t so overly complex as to be implausible. While we’ve done the traditional villain shift/threat escalation the show does as the season progresses, I like that the overall plot throughline (crazy bastards want to mess with Washington) hasn’t changed all that much. Jack's fight with Quinn was appropriately brutal and dirty. Jack fights much the way I saw Rorschach's fighting style in Watchmen described: He fights like a cornered pitbull.

A shame we lost Sen. Meyer, as I was starting to actually like him. But still, we got Tony, Morris, and Chloe back in play, so it's not all bad. I look forward to seeing how we wrap up these last ten episodes.


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