Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Buck Reviews 24: Day 7, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

We've reached the halfway point of the season, traditionally marked by a 2-hour episode. Dubaku's down for the count, yet Tony swears there's another attack on the horizon, so Jack's pulled back into the thick of it.

How was it? I dug it. In fact, this year of 24 may be my second favorite. (Sadly, there's no topping the first season.)

Let's begin, shall we?

• My 24 viewing on Hulu is brought to me by Grey Goose vodka. That’s oddly appropriate, since events on this show often make one want a stiff drink.
• An operative sneaks into Dubaku’s hospital room and injects him with something. Is Juma killing his own brother? (Apparently, yes.)
• You know, I say this with an unblemished record of staunch heterosexuality, but we don’t see Jack in a suit and tie nearly often enough.
• Chloe, of course Jack is going to interrogate a suspect in the White House! If there’s one thing Jack does well, it’s finding new and interesting arenas of interrogation.
• “The president didn’t call me up here at the ass-end of the day to drink her booze and flip through a briefing book.” Now you read that and tell me the writers weren’t thinking of Red Forman when they wrote the Sen. Mayer character!
• Mayer won’t play ball with the president’s request to let Jack’s subpoena expire. It’s nice to see that not everyone ends up loving Jack Bauer.
• Bill? Jack, is there anyone in your ever-diminishing circle of friends you haven’t pulled a gun on? Although I guess it is noble in a way, as Jack knocking Bill out gives Bill deniability if Tony’s lead turns out to be wrong.
• “You and I? We’re gonna have a talk.” This is Jack-speak for “I’m about to break several of your digits and quite possibly cause some internal bleeding.”
• Kanin believes Jack…but why wouldn’t he believe Andy Dufresne?
• Renee tracks the guy from the hospital to a warehouse…where Juma is planning his assault. So Juma’s been in-country this whole time? Interesting…
• Larry tells Renee not to take any chances…she’s totally going to take a chance; like jumping onto Juma’s boat, losing both her gun and phone in the process. But hey, she finds out the White House is the target.
• So Tony killed the guy he got his intel from? You have fallen far, Mr. Almeida.
• Juma and his men are digging up into rock from a watery tunnel. Can’t tell if they’re actually supposed to be under the White House at this point or not. Can you get below the White House by water? Maybe they’re in a sewer tunnel.

Hour Two

• Agent Pierce is still hanging around, minding the First Daughter. Can’t wait to see him spring into action.
• Jack tries to convince Bill he’s got what it takes to interrogate Burnett. Bill, if you don’t have what it takes, then why did you grow that manly beard?
• Check out badass Renee, taking on Dubaku’s son with that shovel. Well, it was badass up until Dubaku Jr. got his hands around her throat. Luckily, Larry shows up to take him out.
• Naturally, Jack ends up guarding President Taylor. Still, I loved how he deferred to the Secret Service. “This is your house; I’ll follow.”
• Whew! For a sec there, I thought Juma was going to execute Bill.
• The entire siege sequence was pretty great.
• I like how Larry made sure that Renee knows rescuing Taylor, not Jack, is top priority. He knows she’s completely crushing on Mr. Bauer.
• I like that Jack’s method to stop Juma’s men opening the safe room isn’t to counter-hack, but merely to short out the access panel.
• Jon Voight! And he's eating noodles!
• Is there any actor out there with a greater “menace voice” than Tony Todd? I don't even mind that he kind of dropped the accent towards the end there.
• Color me disappointed. Agent Pierce is still a hardass, but I was hoping to see him take out 4 or 5 terrorists rather than just one.
• That look on Jack’s face? As he opened the door and let Taylor be taken by Juma so that Taylor could save her daughter? That’s shame for failing a commander-in-chief. You don’t often see that on Jack Bauer’s face.

Overall, a very solid two hours. I’ve been wondering if there are any seasons of 24 I’d like to own. I plan on picking up season 1, and probably 5. And now I definitely think season 7 will make it into my collection. While every episode hasn’t kept me riveted, this has been one damned entertaining season thus far.

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