Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Buck Reviews 24: Day 7, 11:00 PM - 12:00 AM

This week's episode was a little light. Not necessarily bad, but not the 24 gold standard either.

• Hey, it’s Dr. Sunny Macer from Season 3! Loved the double-take she and her partner give Jack when they saw his scars. Did she and Jack never actually interact the last time she was on the show (She was at the hotel for most of her screentime, and Jack was never actually at that location.)? I found it odd that she introduced herself to him in this episode.
• Hodges thinks Tony will turn again? I doubt it.
• Your false modesty isn’t fooling me, Olivia! Chief of Staff is what you’ve been waiting for.
• Renee is totally in love with Jack, isn’t she? And is it my imagination, or has she gotten paler as the day wore on? (Maybe it’s just the fluorescents…)
• Ah, a crisis of conscience from Hodges’ right-hand man.
• Larry thrives much more in the office setting than when he’s in the field.
• Holy crap! Jack smiled! And he made a funny!
• This has been a good tension-builder episode. I would have liked a bit more action, but the build-up to it has been handled rather well.
• I know Tony’s helping them, and at this point, the FBI’s taking any help they can get, but earlier in the day we had an argument about how Tony couldn’t go to the White House because he would be arrested. I assume they’re just giving him a pass pending a successful end to the hostilities?
• Nice twist. And nicely played by Hodges’ assistant.
• Mexican stand-off. Nice.

Overall, not a lot to talk about. Kind of a filler episode, but it still had some good beats. Watching these online, I don’t see the preview for next week’s episode (which is fine by me, as FOX has a history of putting massive spoilers in those previews), but I’m assuming we’re going to see a nice ol’ shoot-out with Jack and Renee swooping in to save the day.

Man, do we really have 8 episodes left? Where do we go from here?



JMC said...

I saw the misdirection coming once Tony got within view of the building the weapons were supposed to be at. It was the way screen kept cutting back and forth between Tony and Hodges who heard the helicopter but didn't really care...

The real twist was when they let Jack out of the quarantine only for us to find out that he's infected...didn't see that one coming.

I can only assume that Jack's will beat the disease and they will develop some form of antidote from his blood. This antidote will also be found to cure AIDS, Cancer and Poverty.

JMC said...

Also, Juma will be back - he's just waiting for someone to say Candyman five times.

If Jack sees bees he'd better run...