Monday, February 23, 2009

Buck Reviews 24: Day 7, 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

A bit of action to kick things off, then things get personal as we close the case on Dubaku and move on to the next threat facing our nation's capital.

* Was it any surprise that Erica was in on Sean being THE MOLE?
* Jack has apparently taken the John McClane Driving Tutorial, as he goes off-road through a park to catch up with Dubaku. When was the last time this show had a good chase scene? I'm thinking Season 3 when Jack and Chase were trying to catch Saunders' last operative.
* I had a whole thing about Dubaku being a smooth talker and convincing Marika to go to Sangala with him. Then she did the whole "try to kill the driver and flip the jeep in the process" bit. Looks like she didn't buy what he was selling.
* So the Sangala invasion already started? At least it appears successful thus far.
* Dubaku has a list of all the corrupt government officials...and it's implanted under his skin! Eew.
* Sean and Erica are going to crash the FBI mainframe to cover their tracks. Not if Chloe O'Brian has anything to say about it.
* BLAM! Erica takes one for the team. C'mon, who didn't see that coming?
* Well, I guess the server wipe did work. And Sean's BS story about Erica being behind it all seems to have worked for now. Don't be that stupid, Larry...
* ...and he's not! Larry nails Sean to the wall as he tries to slink away. Good show, Agent Moss.
* President Taylor and her daughter Olivia are talking, at least. I like that just because Henry's in the hospital, it doesn't immediately clear up all the bad blood between Taylor and Olivia. That would be way too saccharine for this show.
* Renee and Jack have a verbal throwdown at the hospital. They're either going to end this day in love or in a deathmatch. Either way, should be fun.
* As the sun sets, Tony meets up with Jack in front of the Capitol. He says he's gotten word of a new terrorist attack by General Juma himself. After a moment of pure bromance, they leave to go after one of the architects of the plan. It's the weasely guy who gave Dubaku his travel arrangements last week...and he's the chief of staff of Senator Mayer, who was grilling Jack as this day began. Interesting. We move to Act 2...

Probably the smoothest transition from "Stopping Threat #1" to "Reacting to Threat #2" since Season 1. Having brothers as the villains certainly helps. It makes sense that Juma would have contingencies, and that he'd immediately move them into action upon hearing of his brother's capture.

I'm also happy that we haven't had too much of Jack Gone Rogue this time around. It's been done to death. I like how he has government support now, they just don't entirely trust him. Just the way it should be.

The dawning of this new threat means we should be seeing Jon Voight's character (whom we haven't seen since Redemption) popping up soon.

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