Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Buck Reviews 24: Day 7, 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

An old favorite returns, the reveal of THE MOLE, and some really great tension. In short, this episode was what 24 does best.

• How awesome is President Taylor? I would have loved it if she’d actually driven herself to Henry’s hospital. The lady’s got moxie.

• Renee’s getting pretty good at the compartmentalizing I mentioned last week. She’s going to have a lot to answer for when this day’s over. Torturing Tanner, threatening Vossler’s family (even if it was merely a ruse).

• I love Morris driving Chloe to the FBI building with mini-O’Brian (Prescott!) in tow. Little bits like this make the show worth it. Who else wants to see a spin-off? 24: The O’Brians.

• Jealous Janis (Alliteration is fun, kids!) when Chloe arrives. There’s going to be a pissing contest in Techie Town (See?).

• Dubaku picks up his Escape America© package from a henchman. He and Juma certainly employ a lot of weasely individuals, don’t they?

• Ok, I’m laughing at myself now, but I totally didn’t see it coming when Jack and Renee came crashing through Waitress Girlfriend’s door.

• Jack asks Maria (Waitress Girlfriend) for a favor, promising she'll be all right. This is sort of like Jack asking you to jump off a building and try to fly.

• Chloe’s passive-aggressive reaction to how Moss set up the FBI’s computer systems is great.

• Ooh! Janis is locked out of certain systems and seems to be getting upset. Frustrated at the new Golden Tech Girl, or is she THE MOLE?

• Agent Pierce! My second favorite 24K supporting character (after Bill) returns to escort the First Daughter to the hospital where Henry is fighting for his life. There’s your next spin-off: Each week, Agent Pierce goes undercover to defeat villains around the world, bedding a different beautiful woman each night. 24: The Lives and Loves of Aaron Pierce. It also makes me wonder what other past cast favorites Bill will call up from the bench.

• Is it wrong that I giggled like an idiot at the “You’re a little bitch” back-and-forth between Janis and Sean?

• Jack and Renee are arrested by DC police after warrants for them pop up in the system (The work of THE MOLE!). The police cars coming out of nowhere to block their escape was a nice “What the hell?” moment.

• So Sean is THE MOLE! Actually, it’s kind of appropriate. Usually, a 24 mole is the person who hasn’t been acting all shifty and dickish. Give the writers credit for being up-front about it this time. But there’s still something off about Janis...

It was nice to see some of these seemingly unrelated side characters and plots coming into conflict with the main storylines. Granted, the long wait following Season 6 already made this season seem fresh, but I think we're going to consider Day 7 one of the best seasons of 24. I think this show follows the inverse of the "Star Trek film formula" (where the even-numbered installments were usually the best entries in the series). With 24, the odd-numbered seasons seem to be the favorites.


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