Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Buck Reviews 24: Day 7, 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

I'm going to try something new this week. A briefer, bullet-point review that's less recap and more of my impressions and thoughts as I watched the episode. (Which I really enjoyed by the way. Probably my favorite since the premiere.)

• Jack looked immensely uncomfortable in the Oval Office. I thought that was pretty funny. Though we couldn’t see, I kept imagining he was wringing his hands.

• President Taylor made a pretty tough call this week, potentially at the cost of her husband's life: How can she give in to the terrorist demands when she’s willing to put other American lives in danger?

Possible best moment of the night #1: Taylor asks Jack how she can know where his loyalties lie (a valid question, given that he's currently under federal indictment). Jack silently seethes for a moment, then responds "With all due respect, Madame President...ask around." This would get best moment except when you stop and think about it, who's she supposed to ask? The two late President Palmers? Deceased CTU directors George Mason or Ryan Chappelle? Jack doesn't exactly have a full stable of character witnesses.

• Larry’s expression when he gets a phone call from the (seemingly) dead Renee was priceless.

• Jack wants to threaten Vossler’s (the Secret Service agent working with Gedge) family (but not hurt them) in order to find out where Henry Taylor is. Renee agrees a little too quickly.

Possible best moment of the night #2: Jack’s outburst to Larry and Renee. “When are you going to stop pretending that they’re playing by the rules?”

• Larry says the rules are what make us better. “Not today,” responds Jack. That’s the best moment of the night.

• Unless this whole Dubkau’s-sleeping-with-a-waitress subplot gives us an opportunity for Jack to torment someone else’s loved ones (It’s one of his hobbies!), what’s the point? The waitress’ sister knows Dubaku’s not who he says he is, so maybe this will bear fruit.

• Jack finds Vossler, T-bones his car with Larry's SUV, and nabs him. With Renee on the phone pretending to hurt his baby, he talks. There’s a struggle though, and Vossler pulls a knife. Jack ends up stabbing him in the gut. Even Renee seems skeptical when Jack claims self-defense (though that's how it looked). But honestly, at this point you wouldn't believe Jack's claim of self-defense either. It's not like he still has a lot of credibility.

• Bill and Kanin have prepared a Matobo decoy to fool Dubaku’s men while Jack and Renee try to rescue Henry. It doesn’t work, and ends all explosion-y.

• Violence! Glorious violence! As Jack and Renee storm the bodega where Henry was being held. They kill all of the terrorists, but one gets a shot off and tags Henry in the gut. Well that ain’t good. (Actually, I couldn't tell if the shot came in fact from Jack's gun. I wasn't paying the closest of attention at that moment and Jack had a pretty horrified expression on his face.)

So there you go. Another suspense-filled hour, with some good action and character scenes thrown in. I like that when the shit hits the fan, Jack is able to compartmentalize and ignore how crappy his life truly is, but in the quieter moments (the Oval Office, the meeting with Larry and Renee outside the Capitol) you can see the man's barely hanging on.

Thus ends the first third of our season. Can't wait to see what's next.


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jmc said...

I can confirm that Jack did not shoot the first gentleman. Jack dove into the hallway and shot Nameless Bad Guy a couple of times but Nameless Bad Guy was able to get off one shot before dropping dead.

That seems much more realistic than most tv/movie gun fights. Not every bullet can be instantly incapacitating and it doesn't take a lot to keep squeezing the trigger as you wait for the cold grip of death to close in on you...

In fact, I think anyone who gets shot and doesn't find a home for ever bullet in their clip before dying is a CHUMP.