Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Buck Reviews 24: Day 7, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

The following review was typed in real time.

An action-oriented, Jack-centered installment, as things begin to shift from one plotline to another.

Jack & Co.
• Jack & his team follow the Matobos to Dubaku’s location, a nondescript office building. They infiltrate the building and a firefight ensues. You know Jack was itching for this. He hasn’t killed anyone in several hours.
• Dubaku's been hiding Michael Latham in his lair, presumably if the CIP device failed. Dubaku straps explosives to Latham and blows him up to cover his escape. (Is this 24's first exploding man?) Dubaku then walks right out the front door of the building with the rest of the suits.
• CTU-lite gets the Matobos back to their safehouse. Bill wants to hijack a satellite to track Matobo, but Jack says they don’t have the time or resources. Matobo says they can go to President Taylor, and that they can trust her. Jack, Bill, and Renee prepare to take the Matobos to the White House while Tony will continue to hunt Dubaku through other methods.

Kidron, OH
• Sean and Janis find Dubaku’s target in Kidron; a plant that produces pesticides. The pressure has started building in the primary tank of insecticide and they can’t stop it. It’s going to flood into the atmosphere.
• Janis and the plant manager attempt to vent the insecticide into a runoff room within the plant. When Dubaku unplugs the CIP device and flees, the pressure drops in the tanks, but the plant manager and other employees suffer some chemical inhalation, and some of the chemical made it into the air.

Henry Taylor
• Henry awakes and prepares to leave Samantha's apartment, only to be attacked by Gedge’s partner, who comes up to check on the delays. Henry is now Dubaku’s hostage.

• The show gives the population of Kidron as 30,000…'fraid not. Maybe if we expand to include Wooster to the west and Canton to the east. But Kidron isn’t even an incorporated town. I realize I’m nitpicking here, but the show’s depicting an area that’s practically in my backyard; it’s hard not to critique.
• Nice to see Renee finally doing something again. Hopefully she doesn't get sidelined much more as the day progresses.
• I read a theory that Janis is the FBI mole, and she very well may be. But for the moment, my money's on Tom, the Secretary of Homeland Security, being involved in some way. A comment he made to Chief of Staff Kanin near the end of the episode seemed off to me.
• I get that Tony doesn't want to go to the White House because it means he'll be arrested, and won't be able to help in the hunt for Dubaku. But again, it makes me wonder if Jack will be able to trust Tony in the end.
• With the CIP device seemingly destroyed, it looks like we're going to follow a similar format to Season 3, where we went from Rogue Jack to Mexican Drug Cartel to Terrorist Supervirus Attack. That actually all played out pretty well in the end, so if they're planning a similar tonal shift or two this year, here's hoping they pull it off.


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