Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Buck Reviews 24: Day 7, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

The following review was typed in real time.

Not a truly eventful installment, but there were a few things worth talking about. So click through for the full post.

President Taylor/Henry Taylor

• Alison decides she is going to invade Sangala, regardless of Dubaku’s demands and her chief of staff's reservations.
• Henry’s Secret Service guard, Agent Gedge, says he knows someone who can unlock the data on the flash drive Samantha gave him last hour (The data that will prove son Roger didn’t commit suicide, and that he was onto to some dirty dealings between Sangala and people within the administration.). But surprise! Gedge is dirty (I knew it), and actually takes Henry to Samantha’s apartment, where he drugs the First Gentleman and prepares to stage what is probably going to be a murder/suicide, as a cohort is picking up Samantha at this very moment.


• Moss gets a visit from representatives of the Attorney General who want a word with Renee. Tanner’s lawyer has filed a complaint about her treatment of the prisoner. Moss, understandably, wants to protect Renee, but he’s also stonewalling the AG agents while he deals with the current situation. His continuing frustration is fun, as he finally shouts at the AG agent, “You’re really going to push this now, in the middle of an international crisis?” I half expected him to deck the smug AG guy.
• Sean’s wife’s plan was safely landed. There also seems to be something going on between him and a blond techie whose name I didn’t catch (Ah, a quick check of Wikipedia's 24 page tells me her name is Erica. It also says former Secret Service agent Aaron Pierce will return at some point this season, which is all sorts of awesome.). If one of them turns out to be the mole, I’m interested. If we’re throwing an inter-office affair into things, I could care less.

• Jack helps himself to some ammonia and bleach from the kitchen and gasses the Matobos out of their panic room. As they’re about to flee from the scene, Renee shows up, having obtained Jack and Tony’s location from her “questioning” of Tanner last hour. Emerson wants to just shoot her, but Jack and Tony talk him down from that, saying they need to know if anyone else at the FBI knows what she knows.
• Emerson’s superior calls him a bit later, after conferring with their FBI mole (we still don’t know who it is) and says that they’re clean. Renee didn’t get any more information from Tanner to pass on to her bosses, so just kill her. Emerson wants Jack to do it to continue to prove his loyalty to their group.
• They make a detour to an empty construction site. Jack walks Renee out of the truck. He manages to whisper to her “Just trust me and I’ll get you out of this alive.” He positions her perpendicular to the truck, and fires his gun just next to her head, creating the illusion that he’s executed her. She falls to the ground and Jack covers her with some plastic sheeting. But it’s not enough for Emerson. He wants her buried. Renee can only watch as Jack and Tony cover her with dirt and the clock silently records the end of the hour. (A silent clock is never good on 24. Please don’t be dead, Renee, because you're an interesting new character and you just might be Jack's soulmate. Granted, this second factor means you could likely end up insane or dead.)

• Killing Renee this early would be a huge mistake, in my opinion. So despite the silent clock, I don’t think she’s dead. But to be honest, I did think for a minute that Jack might actually shoot her to maintain his cover, considering some of the things he’s done in the past.
• The change of venue has been nothing but a good thing for this show. Surrounding Jack with new characters and no CTU or Palmer presence (first time we’ve had a season that doesn’t have any member of the Palmer family involved) has helped remove a lot of the angst that was starting to bog the show down.
• Overall, this episode was a little light on “events.” Still, a lot happened, and all the plotlines are interesting, which is a little unusual this early into a season of 24. We normally get a B or C subplot that takes a while to ignite. This time, we’ve really hit the ground running.


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