Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Buck Reviews 24: Day 7, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

The following review was typed in real time.

A much better episode than last week. Lots happening, and we're building towards some good stuff that will probably close out the first eight hours plot-wise. Will Jack and Tony recover the CIP device? Will Henry bring his son's killers to justice? Can two crazy kids like Jack and Renee find love in this crazy mixed-up world?

Jack and the Fantastic Four [That being Tony (Human Torch), Renee (Invisible Woman), Bill (Mr. Fantastic), and Chloe (The Thing--okay, so it's not a perfect analogy).]

• Bill and Chloe arrive at the construction site and dig Renee up. She needs to be revived, but otherwise, she's unharmed. Bill explains the situation to her. She says they can trust Moss, but Bill won’t let her contact him.
• Revelations! Christopher Henderson missed Tony’s artery on purpose when he injected him with poison back in Season 5. Emerson’s job was to revive Tony to use him as a weapon against Jack. Emerson listened to Tony’s pain when Jack wouldn’t, and that’s what sealed the deal for his turning.
• Jack, Tony, and Emerson arrive back at the hideout. Not being a big fool, Emerson realizes what’s going on and pulls a gun on Jack. Tony shoots him. Kind of a shame he’s dead (Or just dying. Looks like Tony’s shot nicked him in the throat.). For a 24 villain who was only around for a few episodes, he seemed to have some depth to him.
• Jack and Tony are going to give Matobo to Dubaku in order to get the CIP device. Matobo’s wife trusts Jack (women always seem to; he's like James Bond that way) and says they’ll do it.
• Whoop, guess Emerson really is dead after all. And Tony’s pretty broken up about it. Seems the two really formed a brothers-in-arms bond over the last few years. In the end, will they be able to count on Tony?
• Bill, Chloe, and Renee arrive. Renee’s understandably pissed at Jack, what with the whole burying-her-alive thing and all. But he says it was necessary, and she never would have believed him if he’d tried to explalin. Chloe wires Matobo so they can track him. “Are you with the FBI?” he asks. “No, I’m a stay-at-home mom," she replies. Oh, Chloe. Speaking of which, how's Morris doing? Guess he didn't mind watching the little tyke while you came to D.C. and went commando.
• Jack and Tony hand the Matobos over and begin tracking them towards Dubaku's stronghold.

President Taylor

• Dubaku is tired of Taylor refusing to acquiesce to his demands. He wants to look at what planes are currently in the air over D.C.…
• Kanin says to pull troops back to appear that they’ll withdraw in an attempt to stave off a cyber attack. Again, Taylor refuses to give into terrorist demands.
• Dubaku calls Taylor and demands she withdraw the troops. He tells her to look out the window as two planes collide in mid-air (270 dead). If they don’t withdraw within the hour, more Americans will die.
• Taylor convenes the cabinet. With 1300 planes still in the air, the Sec. of State urges pulling the troops out of Africa. She refuses as long as there’s a chance they can retrieve Matobo. The Sec. of State resigns in protest. Taylor gives a pretty impassioned speech about why she will not give in to the terrorists, but it’s pretty obvious she’s not sure it’s the right choice.

Henry Taylor

• Traitorous Secret Service agent Gedge has prepped his murder/suicide as Samantha arrives home. Henry’s paralyzed and can’t warn her. He watches in horror as Gedge stabs her (being the murder half of the murder/suicide). Gedge places the knife in Henry’s hand for prints. After he turns to finish staging the scene, Henry discovers he can move his hand.
• Gedge gets ready to hang Henry from Samantha’s loft (this being the suicide portion of the murder/suicide, for those of you playing along at home) when Henry makes his move. They go tumbling over the railing and crash onto the dining room table. Henry manages to strangle Gedge, but still can’t move very much. He may have been injured in the fall.

Closing moments

• Dubaku is going to crash a plane into a plant near Kidron, OH. I used to live near there! I can't think of any heavy manufacturing in the area off-hand, but there is definitely some industry around those parts. And not only will they be killing blue-collar Americans, they’re going to kill a whole lot of Amish people in the process. You damned African terrorists! What did the Amish ever do to you?


Things are really moving briskly, and I'm pretty engaged in each of the subplots. Trouble is, the brisk pace makes me wonder if we'll end up in one of those periods 24 seems to fall into from time to time where we'll have a great denouemont, only to spend three or four episodes treading water before kicking it into high gear again. Still, the hints that Tony may stray to the dark side again, along with some of the other subplot material gives me hope. (All these references to Season 5...could Charles Logan still be alive and be involved? Did we ever find out definitively if he died in Season 6?) Here's hoping the writers maintain this pace throughout the remaining 18 hours.


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