Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Buckshot: Who are you and why are you texting me?

First of all, welcome back! We hope everyone had a festive holiday.

Second, welcome to what may end up being the final Den of Mystery post of 2008. Hooper and I both have some material in the works, but those may not be posted before the day is out.

This post is yet another amusing text message conversation. Except it didn't take place between Hooper and I, though it is all ultimately his fault. Confused? So was I...

It all started yesterday evening when I received a picture message. It was a picture of five books, accompanied by the message:"Went to Half-Price, picked up the following:"

Now, Hooper and I quite often fill each other in on bargains we find at used book stores, so this sort of message wasn't a surprise. What was a surprise was that it didn't come from his number. I responded with a bit of sarcasm (as I am wont to do), and so the conversation began (my half in blue, the other party's in black):

Congratulations? Are you looking for some sort of validation? And is this a new number?


Who is this?

Lol u sent me a message. My name is Jesse.

All I did was respond to the picture message I received from this number. I don’t know you, but you’re sending me pictures of books you bought. (While typing this message, another picture arrived, this time of some graphic novels. "It's Hooper," Mrs. Buck emphatically stated. "Who else is going to send you pictures of comic books?" I protested. "But it's not coming from his number!" I cried in vain.)

Lol I have no idea.

What books?

I’m getting pictures of books from this number.

Ok well idk what you’re talking about.

Are you from Orlando?

No. I’m in Ohio. Trust me, we do not know each other.

Oh ok then.

Finally, I sent a message to Hooper in desperation.

You didn’t send me picture messages of books did you? I appear to be in some sort of cellular twilight zone.

Some time later, I would receive this response:

Yes I did.

I immediately called him up and demanded answers. Turns out he sent the photos, and from his phone. But through what I can only describe as the 21st-century equivalent of a telephone operator connecting the wrong wires, they arrived on my phone as having originated from a different number.

And thus, a very confusing and partially frustrating situation came to a close, and some poor soul in Florida named Jesse thinks I'm a crazy person who texts strangers at random. Has anything like this ever happened to you, dear readers? If so, please share in the comments section.


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