Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Buckshot: Video Edition

Some of these have been floating around the intertubes for a while now, so you may have seen them already. But as NBC used to be so fond of telling us, if you haven't seen it, it's new to you!

First up is the very funny "Prop 8 - The Musical" from Funny or Die. John C. Reilly, Neil Patrick Harris, Jack Black as Jesus...what more could you ask for?

Next up is an outstanding John Williams tribute: Lyrics about Star Wars sung to the tunes of some of Williams' most famous movie scores. The lyrics and vocals are by an a cappella group named Moosebutter; the gentleman in the video simply added the visuals. I just read it's been nominated for a Peoples' Choice Award.

Movie Trailers!

Star Trek - Okay, I agree with the disenfranchised nerds that having the Enterprise being built on Earth is kind of a dumb idea. But beyond that, this looks like a crazy ride that should be an interesting experiment if nothing else. Let's face it, this franchise needs a kick in the pants.

Watchmen - A large part of me continues to scream warnings about the hazards of adapting the seminal story. But damned if I don't get excited every time I see Rorschach and Dr. Manhattan brought to life in the previews.

Friday the 13th - I think I'm in the minority for liking the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake with Jessica Biel. But this new visit to Camp Crystal Lake is by the same director and crew, so I'm looking forward to it. Plus it's got Jared Padalecki, one of the stars of my current favorite show, Supernatural. And how can you not love the body count gag callback to the trailers for the original film?

Terminator: Salvation - Christian Bale takes over the role of Bruce Way--I mean, John Connor as we begin a new era of post-apocalyptic robot vs. human violence. Sounds good to me. The new giant Terminators in the trailer certainly don't hurt.

Race to Witch Mountain - Yes, it's a Disney movie. Yes, it's a remake of an old kiddie flick. Yes, it stars The Rock. But I think it looks like a lot of fun.

Duplicity - Julia Roberts and Clive Owen in an Ocean's Eleven-style heist? Paul Giamatti and Tom Wilkinson fighting like schoolchildren on an airport tarmac? It's from Tony Gilroy, who wrote and directed Michael Clayton, one of my favorite films of 2007? Can I pre-order my ticket yet?

Well, dear readers, which video tickled your fancy the most?


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