Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Buckshot: "Oddly enough, I think I liked Tinkerbell the most..."

What follows is the conversation Hooper and I had via text message this past Saturday, and my meager defense for expressing a liking for Tinkerbell. Please click through, because it makes for good readin'.

7:20 PM
Buck: I'm pretty sure the voice of Sebastian the Crab in Disney on Ice is Hermes Conrad from Futurama. You know, I should be live-blogging this…

7:37 PM
Buck: And the Lion King costumes look like live-action Thundercats…sort of. Are you enjoying these texts?

7:43 PM
Hooper: What are you doing to have this useless info?

7:46 PM
Buck: We brought Susan’s sisters (5 and 11) to the ice show. A friend of ours does the costumes and got us free tickets.

7:50 PM
Buck: Leopards with some manner of cape/wing apparatus? This does not match the established continuity of the Lion King film.

8:02 PM
Hooper: Director’s Cut – Simba also makes his own lightsaber before rescuing Nala from life as a dancer for Scar. There’s also a sandstorm.

8:04 PM
Buck: Coming soon from the Disney Vault! Actually, the Pumba costume was pretty nifty.

8:09 PM
Buck: What does it say about me that the eel costumes from the Little Mermaid portion reminded me of Megatron from Transformers: Beast Wars?

8:11 PM
Hooper: …you need to get out more?

8:18 PM
Buck: But I am out. I’m at Disney on Ice…watching fairies skate about…*sigh*

8:56 PM
Buck: Oddly enough, I think I liked the Tinkerbell segment the most. I’ll explain myself/defend my masculinity in a Den post.

9:35 PM
Hooper: That castle surrendered long ago.

10:08 PM
Buck: How droll.

But I digress...

The show was Disney on Ice presents: Worlds of Fantasy, and included Pixar's Cars, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, and Tinkerbell. For the record, the reason the Tinkerbell segment appealed the most was simply because I haven't seen the recent Tinkerbell animated feature and didn't know what was going to happen next. The Cars segment, while interesting to watch six full-size automobiles navigate a small ice rink, was pretty short. And the Lion King and Little Mermaid segments basically told their entire films' stories in 10 minutes (and I'm sure the kids loved it, but if you actually tried to follow those stories considering everything they left out, you'd be hopelessly lost). And I grew up with those films, so the stories and songs are familiar. So speaking as an adult, it made those portions a little slow (although the wildebeest stampede costumes in Lion King were inspired). Tinkerbell simply offered something I hadn't seen before, so it held more appeal. (Well, the cute girls in skimpy fairy costumes certainly didn't hurt.)

I now open the floor to the inevitable snarky comments regarding my trip to the ice show.


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