Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Buckshot: Martian Eyebrows

Comic Book Resources has posted the solicitations for DC Comics products shipping in March. I know Hooper reads most of the solicitation copy for the titles he regularly reads, but for me it's usually just an excuse to skim through the cover images, looking for interesting pieces. Like this one. Not a cover, but a shot of DC's latest Martian Manhunter figure.

Short of Leonard Nimoy, I've never seen a more expressive raised eyebrow. Kudos to the figure's sculptor. I have, of course, taken my own liberties with the image:

Feel free to share your own interpretation in the comments.


1 comment:

JMC said...

Expressive eyebrow indeed -
but with such shimmery lip gloss, one must wonder what exactly is being expressed...