Sunday, November 16, 2008

Buckshot: Mini-Review: Quantum of Solace

Is it better than Casino Royale? Well, no, at least not in my opinion. But I also don't feel it deserves the bad rap it's getting. Based on reviews I'd seen, I was expecting the Bond equivalent of a Michael Bay film (And I say that with complete love and admiration for Michael Bay. Have you seen Bad Boys II?). You know, non-stop action with little time for plot or character development. But I was quite pleased with the film. It continues the story where Casino Royale left off, opening with Bond and M interrogating Mr. White, whom Bond captured at the end of the previous film. From there we follow James around the world as he learns more about the mysterious organization known as Quantum and seeks some measure of closure in the death of Vesper Lynd.

Is there a lot of action? Yes, but I don't feel it's at the cost of story. Daniel Craig gets more comfortable in Bond's skin and the supporting players all do an admirable job. I was particularly impressed with Olga Kurylenko as Bond's ally Camille. Her character was given a decent amount of backstory, and Bond didn't even try to sleep with her! This may be the first Bond film where he doesn't bed the female lead; at least I can't think of any others (come on, Bond devotees, are there any other instances?). In fact, we're two films into this new era of Bond, and he's only slept with two women (on-screen, at least). My, what an age we live in.

So go enjoy Quantum of Solace. You could do far worse at the theater this weekend.


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