Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Buckshot: Weekend in Review

Ideally, this would have been posted Sunday night, or sometime Monday. Why wasn't it? Shut up! That's why.

But do click through for some pretty pictures, if nothing else.


Friday night saw Mrs. Buck and I making the trek to the annual Loudonville Street Fair.

Loudonville is a small town south of the not-much-larger town of Ashland, which we used to call home. So the Street Fair is something of a tradition for us. We indulged in fair food, and I maintained my streak of not visiting an event in that area without partaking of the delectable fried Swiss cheese on a stick (trust me, it's even better than it sounds). But what did mine eyes behold as we wandered amongst the food vendors?

That's right, dear readers. Gator on a stick. I was skeptical at first, especially of the price: $8.00. But a friend offered to go halvsies on the basis of when are we going to run across another opportunity to eat gator on a stick? I could not pass it up.

And there it is, in all its glory. (Sorry for the blurriness.) The verdict? Tastes like chicken, except it was a little gamey. But the cajun spices it was deep-fried in made up for it. We declared the experiment a resounding success.

A few more pictures from the evening:

Again, the new camera phone, while very nice, does not take excellent night-time pictures. (That's a street lined with old tractors.)

This was on the "doodle board" in the building that was showcasing 4-H artwork. C'mon, conservatives! Sarah's a biblical name, for crying out loud! You're embarrassing the baby Jesus. (Oddly enough, Barack Obama's name was spelled correctly in the two places it appeared on the board.)



Saturday morning, I visited two local libraries for book sales, which were very productive. I picked up 9 books and a DVD for $5.50.

Beyond that, we didn't do much besides hitting up the new Sonic drive-in in Streetsboro for lunch. And Saturday evening, at Mrs. Buck's request, we watched this:

Verdict: Not nearly as bad as I'd expected. Not that I plan to run out and watch the entire series, but it certainly wasn't the 2.5 hours of Hell I'd anticipated.



Sunday we drove up to the Bedford Reservation in the Cleveland Metroparks for a walk around the Bridal Veil Falls. Some photos for your enjoyment:

Tinkers Creek Road is one of my favorites among the interesting road names you stumble upon in Northeast Ohio. Other favorites include Gore Orphanage Road and Lost Nation Road.



JMC said...

Shara?? Maybe someone just mispelled She-Ra...
John McCain probably chose She-Ra Palin as his VP to leverage her connections to He-Man to catch Osama Bin Laden. It makes a lot of sense if you think about it.

Adam said...

The above comment is one of the greatest things I have ever read.