Thursday, August 7, 2008

Buckshot: Clearly, we need to get out more.

The following conversation took place via text message Tuesday night:

Josh: What is the name of the white and blue semi that Optimus Prime gives the Matrix to in the movie?

Buck: Ultra Magnus.

Josh: Would you tell Six that he was a different robot, not another Prime.

Buck: Tell him that in the comics they're brothers. That's why they look alike.

Josh: I'll tell him. He told me Rodimus was after Prime and that Ultra Magnus was just an upgraded Prime. And I said oh no no, Buck and I have watched that way too many times.

Buck: Damn straight.


(This refers, of course, to the seminal animated Transformers film of 1986 and not Michael Bay's 2007 live-action version.)

To be fair, when you remove his armor Ultra Magnus is basically a re-painted Optimus Prime, so I can see how our pal got confused:

Does Buck know way too much about Transformers?
A. Yes
B. No
C. But he didn't mention how Ultra Magnus appears in the Japanese continuity!


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