Thursday, May 15, 2008

Buckshot: Scattershot 5/15/08

Once more, I scour the net to bring you random links.

-- Stumbled upon this today, a collection of shipwreck images.

-- Hooper shares my opinion that this is one of the finest items of clothing ever created.

-- Individual grains of sand under a high-res 3-D microscope? It's cooler than you think.

-- Etch-A-Sketch art. Here's my favorite:

-- Some neat Lego creations.

-- The 2008 Foo Fighters tour rider, detailing their requirements at each stop. They confess up front it's not as good as Iggy Pop's (which I didn't read all of). Still, it's hysterical tongue-in-cheek stuff, particularly "Bacon. I call it God's currency. Hell, if it could be breathed, I would."

-- Muxtape is an interesting little site that lets you share "virtual" mp3 mixtapes with your peeps. (Yeah, I said peeps. I have street cred.) I started to create one myself, but it only lets you add .mp3 format right now, and a lot of my music (at least on this computer) is in .wma format. I'll do a follow-up post when I get my playlist created.

-- Vintage pulp novel covers and images:

-- How many weird roadside attractions have you visited?

-- Which is better? The ACME Do-It-Yourself Tornado kit? Or the ACME Jet-Propelled Unicycle? The Illustrated ACME Catalog.

-- As some of you know, I am a loyal FARKer. And one of my favorite parts of the site are the Photoshop contests. The theme for this one was, "Muppet Movie Poster Mash-Up." While this one wasn't the winner, it was definitely my favorite:

See you on the intertubes!


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