Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Buckshot: Better Living Through Bacon

A new Buckshot's coming this weekend, with goodies from the upcoming slate of summer blockbusters. (Hopefully, that includes new trailers for The Dark Knight and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.)

But until then, I just had to share this latest menu item from Taco Bell. I've been hearing radio ads for this for a week or so, and every time I shake my head at the sheer ridiculousness of it.

Because when I think authentic Mexican recipes, I think bacon. Besides, using quality ingredients would have just seemed silly.

- Buck

(And you needn't point out that Taco Bell isn't authentic Mexican food. Trust me, I know.)

1 comment:

jmc said...

I can forgive the use of bacon because it's an established fact that everything is better with bacon on it. What's their excuse for the 1/2 pound Beef & Potato burrito? Apparently, the conquistadors invaded in search of gold and the natives' legendary tater tot burrito filling...