Friday, February 22, 2008

Buckshot: "Curse you, Richards!"

More of an update, a preview of things to come, if you will. But I swear there's more Buckshot in your future. I hope to get something more concrete up by the end of the weekend.

Here's what's coming down the line:

* As the above image indicates, we've got something Doom-related on the horizon. Namely a collection of Dr. Doom-inspired quips from Hooper and myself. We've been e-mailing them back and forth to each other all week, and I'm going to collect them in a column.

* A recap of tomorrow's Best Picture Showcase, along with my Oscar predictions. (Yes, I realize that I'll only get my predictions up a few hours before the actual telecast, but what can you do? I didn't schedule the flippin' event.)

* I might, should the mood strike me, share with you all a piece I'm writing for one of my graduate courses; one that recounts a journey deep into the no man's land that exists beneath one of America's unassuming, red-bricked universities.

Until then!



Anonymous said...

Am I missing something here? What was the point of this?
Did Luke REALLY say "Where's my money honey?" to Dr. Doom?

How do you think they'll interact this next time around? Follow The Mighty Avengers and New Avengers for the latest wrinkle.

The Den of Mystery said...

Far as I know, it's a genuine panel from an old issue.

FYI, this post will probably be deleted soon, so your comment may go away as well. It was always intended as a placeholder of sorts, until I had time to write a longer column. So I probably should have disabled comments on it.

~ Buck

Anonymous said...

So, just who the heck ARE you guys?
Why did I find your business card in a comic shop in Marietta, Ohio?

Can you please put something serious about yourself in the background link for you? Like a real profile????

The Den of Mystery said...

A real profile? Like we're a genuine website or something? Doesn't knowing next to nothing about Hooper and myself create a nice mystique about the place? I mean, we don't call ourselves The Den of Mystery for nothing.

All kidding aside though, it's something we'll probably end up addressing in the not-too-distant future.

As for your discovery of the fabled Den of Mystery business cards in Marietta, OH, those were my doing. The proud proprietor of Asylum Comics and Videos is an old friend of mine, and he was gracious enough to allow me to do some advertising in his shop. Nice to see it wasn't entirely in vain.

~ Buck