Friday, November 30, 2007

Buck's Ramblings

So it's a bit late, but hopefully everyone had a good holiday weekend. As you can see, we've been a bit slow in getting the remaining parts of The Breaking of the Hour out, though not for lack of wanting. But Hooper's got a family and a full-time job, and I've got a family, a full-time job, and grad school, so this sometimes has to take a backseat. I believe he has been working on the final installments of the Rick Slade adventure, and may even have them finished, awaiting editorial approval (which largely consists of me skimming through them and saying, "Go ahead and post it.").

In the meantime, this weekend I may post, as a sort of teaser, the first part of a story of my own I'm working on but haven't finished yet. "Operation: Blackout," my attempt at an espionage thriller.

So we're getting the Ghastly Tales out there, slow but sure. These sorts of posts will hopefully become more Thrilling Commentary as time goes on. And what of the Tomfoolery, you say? Well, we don't like to rush Tomfoolery before we're completely happy with it, but I'll give you this as a parting gift:

Show me a person who says that's not one of the finest works of art from the last century and I'll show you a liar.


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